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The leading cause of death is ignorance and inaction. Learn about age-associated plasmalogen deficiency, neurodegeneration, and death, and what you can do to check your plasmalogen levels and restore them to healthy youthful levels.

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Plasmalogen Deficiency, Dementia, and Death

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My name is Dr. Dayan Goodenowe.  The science of life is my passion.  We are all at war with an invisible, relentless, and patient enemy called entropy.  Entropy is the disorder that creeps into our biochemistry when we are not looking, reduces our vitality, and leaves us susceptible to disease.  Winning this war means reduced disease, increased vitality, and a longer life.  The sword with which we fight this enemy is optimizing our biochemistry.  I am here to teach you how to wield this sword.  How to test your biochemistry for weakness and how to build biochemical reserves against entropy. Click the video to learn how you can start your path to biochemical immortality today.



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Demystify memory loss and gain a deeper understanding of how our brains function. Learn about the causes of memory loss and cognition, and what is needed to gain and maintain optimal brain health. This is the most important component of a longevity program.

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  • Plasmalogen reserves

  • Nutrient and vitamin reserves

  • No Inflammation

  • Healthy blood flow


Knowledge is life.  Ignorance is death.  The human body is an elegant bioreactor that requires minimal maintenance for 50-60 years.  Biomarkers are the gauges that tell scientists when systems deviate from optimal.  Learning to read and interpret these gauges is the key to developing, administering and monitoring a longevity program.

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  • >100 biomarkers

  • Integrated biosystems

  • Extensive age and disease data

  • Science-based Interventions


Dr. Goodenowe’s passion for improved Population Health drives his inventions, technologies and research. Reduced Disease Incidence Rates, Increased Quality of Life, and Increased Life Expectancy are within reach. 
Join him in making the world a healthier place for all.  

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  • Awareness, education

  • Participant engaged community trials

  • Consumer-accessible testing

  • Cost-effective interventions

  • Objective outcome analyses

30 years of research

My name is Dr. Goodenowe. I am the world expert on the biochemical basis of life, disease and death. My 1999 comprehensive biochemical analysis invention made me the first person in history to be able to measure the totality of human biochemistry in health, disease and death. This technology combined with my extensive knowledge of human biochemistry has produced a treasure trove of biochemical markers that predict health, disease, and death. I am now using this information to turn back time and biochemically engineer immortality-based solutions that anyone can access and use. These solutions will reduce population disease incidence rates, increase quality of life, and increase life expectancy for millions of people around the world.

I have released over 50 scientific publications, with research on over 25 diseases and has over 30 Academic Collaborations worldwide. I have extensively patented my inventions including patents for Plasmalogen Compounds, Pharmaceutical Compositions, and treatment methods for age related diseases that are mediated by Plasmalogen Deficiencies.

Dr. Dayan Goodenowe
Neuroscientist, Inventor, Pioneer

My mission is to educate the world about the life-extending benefits possible when biochemical health is harnessed.


Plasmalogens in the media

April 24, 2019

Relation of Serum Plasmalogens and APOE Genotype to Cognition and Dementia in Older Persons in a Cross-Sectional Study

Authors: Dayan Goodenowe, PhD and 

Vijitha Senanayake

Using a community sample of 1205 elderly persons, researchers investigated the associations and potential interactions between Apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype and serum phosphatidylethanolamine (PlsEtn) on cognition and dementia. For each person, APOE genotype, PlsEtn Biosynthesis value, cognition, and diagnosis of dementia was determined. APOE genotype and PBV were observed to be non-interacting (p > 0.05) and independently associated with cognition. The results of these analyses indicate that the net effect of APOE genotype on cognition and the prevalence of dementia is dependent upon the plasmalogen status of the person.


Jul 08, 2020

The ApoE4.Info Podcast: episode 2
with Julie Gregory

Dayan Goodenowe, PhD:
Plasmalogens & Neurological Health

Dr. Goodenowe joins Julie Gregory to discuss his research into disease states identified by metabolomic testing. With particular focus on neurological health, Dr. Goodenowe explains the negative repercussions that accompany dementia and highlights age-related diminishing plasmalogen levels as a major driver of disease. 

Listeners also find out about important diet and lifestyle measures that support plasmalogen levels, along with how the Prodrome Neuro supplement can further increase healthy plasmalogen levels in the body.

November 10, 2020

Concordant peripheral lipidome signatures in two large clinical studies of Alzheimer’s disease

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Another important paper was published by independent researchers confirming Dr. Goodenowe’s original discovery and hypothesis that plasmalogen deficiency is the key underlying causative factor in Alzheimer's disease. In this new research paper, researchers did a comprehensive comparison of blood biomarkers of Alzheimer’s in two large clinical trials – one from the USA and one from Australia. The results unambiguously reveal that not only are all classes of plasmalogen phospholipids deficient in persons with Alzheimer’s, but that alkyl-acyl glycerols (the biochemical precursors of plasmalogens) are the most depleted.


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